Invoking the Artful Manager

Across my work, I strive to understand, share, and animate the many ways people gather to create, connect, support, preserve, and present the arts. I do so in various roles:

AS A TEACHER AND SCHOLAR at American University, where I'm a tenured Associate Professor in the master's degree and graduate certificate programs in Arts Management.

AS AN AUTHOR of The Artful Manager blog, book, and other scribblings, where I explore the business of arts and culture, what makes it work, and what might make it better.

AS A CONSULTANT to arts, culture, education, and support organizations such as the Rhode Island School of Design, the William Penn Foundation, and Overture Center for the Arts – working through my consultancy, arts axis llc.

AS A BOARD MEMBER for Fractured Atlas and AS A CONTRIBUTING EDITOR for Artivate and The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, where I help support and connect artists and authors.

If any of those journeys overlap with yours, let's talk!